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Children's Sunday School

In Children’s Sunday School, kids are taught an overview of the Bible using the Generations of Grace curriculum. This year, we are focusing on the life of Christ from the gospels. Music and activities reinforce the truth of each week’s lesson. Each week, we work to learn a catechism question and review previous questions throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to discuss what their kids are learning and review catechism questions with their kids at home.

Volunteer Opportunities

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    Summer Sunday School Volunteers

    We need to fill many weekly and substitute volunteer positions as we give our regular teachers a well-deserved break during this summer.

    This is a great opportunity to serve parents and minister the gospel to children.

    If you can serve, we'd love your help! You must be an approved childcare worker to serve.

    Childcare Worker Approval

    If you have questions, contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Planning your first visit?

When you arrive on Sunday, visit the Welcome Center in the Children's Building lobby. Volunteers will be happy to assist you with check-in and locating your child's classroom. If you'd like to save a few minutes, you can pre-fill and print a family registration card at home.

Registration Card

Sunday School at Home

    • The Trial and Denial of Jesus
    • 2021-05-09
    • Mark 14:53-15:15
    • Jesus was unjustly abandoned and condemned.
    For Discussion
    For Discussion
    • What were wrong with the accusations against Jesus?
    • Did Jesus defend Himself?
    • Did Peter speak the truth about Jesus?
    • Why did Peter burst into tears after the rooster crowed?
    • What will happen to the wicked on Judgment Day?
    • The wicked will go down on Judgment Day and will be cast into the lake of fire.
    • Jesus Endures the Cross
    • 2021-05-16
    • Mark 15:16-47
    • Jesus died to save sinners.
    For Discussion
    For Discussion
    • What did all the mockery prove about Jesus?
    • What did Jesus say while He was on the cross?
    • What did the centurion notice that was strange about Jesus' death?
    • What happened in the temple when Jesus died?
    • What will happen to every Christian on the last day?
    • Every Christian will live with Jesus in the new heavens and the new earth.
    • The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
    • 2021-05-23
    • Mark 16:1-8
    • Jesus is alive!
    For Discussion
    For Discussion
    • Did anyone expect to find Jesus alive when they went to the tomb?
    • What does the empty tomb show?
    • How do we know Jesus conquered sin and death?
    • How do we know God accepted Jesus as the sacrifice for sin?
    • Where do we learn to love and obey God?
    • In the Bible, we learn to love and obey God.
    • Review
    • 2021-05-30
    • Matt. 25-26; Mark 12, 14-16; John 20
    • Jesus Came to Seek and Save the Lost
    For Discussion
    For Discussion
    • What are some of the things you learned about Jesus this year?
    • What do Jesus' miracles tell you about Him?
    • Why did Jesus become a man and die on the cross?
    • Where is Jesus now?
    • What must you do in response to the gospel?
    • Who wrote the Bible?
    • Holy men of God, who were taught and chosen by God, wrote the Bible.

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